Experience the Valdichiana at the table with the producers

Tutti a tavola!

Valdichiana Eating invites you to a convivial lunch to share with the people you love, within the walls of your home.

With the Box The meal is ready! local producers will tell you about the Aglione della Valdichiana (aglione is a local variety of garlic and literally means “big garlic”) and the tasty “mascina” plum jam (local variety of plum), certified PAT (Tuscan Tradition Agricultural Heritage) products, characteristic for their organoleptic qualities, processing methods and peculiarities of the territory that harbor them. Discover with us these and all the other delicacies selected for you.

Tantalizing and genuine typical products to taste and discover, because food is a pleasure that must be shared and further explored.


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Typical Tuscan cuisine offers simple and tasty recipes suitable for all diners: just say Tutti a tavola (The meal is ready!) to bring your loved ones together and have lunch, you will make adults and children happy from appetizer to dessert.

In the Box The meal is ready! you will find the dynamic QR CODE Tally APP that will allow you to receive extra contents about Valdichiana and much more…

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Weight 3,00 kg

Gluten, milk and derivatives


4 portions suggested.


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