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L'acqua del benessere (Wellness water)

The Valdichiana Eating BOXES were created to bring food and wine excellences of Valdichiana Senese to your home … So why are there six bottles of water here? Because water is the main element of our diet and in Valdichiana Eating we wanted to dedicate a BOX to a precious ally of our well-being, which flows directly in Valdichiana Senese from the natural springs of Chianciano Terme. With the L’Acqua del Benessere BOX (wellness water) you will discover one of the most typical products of the Valdichiana Senese area and all its beneficial properties: the Acqua Santa (literally “holy water”) of Terme di Chianciano.


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The Etruscans had already understood this from the fifth century. a.c., when they began to build establishments in the area to exploit the healing properties of the thermal waters: not only baths and beauty treatments, but also purification rituals with a glass.

Today those rituals are repeated daily in the Acquasanta Park where the thermal and mineral water gushes out at a temperature of 33 Celsius degrees. The Acqua Santa of Terme di Chianciano is a water that revolutionizes lifestyles: we will bring it to your home and provide you with all the information you need to get the most out of it.

With L’Acqua del Benessere Box you will receive the Tally APP dynamic QR CODE to see extra content about Valdichiana.

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