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La festa dell'olio (Olive oil festival)

Trequanda, Castelmuzio and Petroio are small hamlets devoted to the production of excellent extra virgin olive oil. It is so good that every year during the first days of November the three villages are filled with locals and tourists ready to taste the bruschetta with new oil. With our Box we literally bring the olive oil festival to your home: three certified IGP Toscano and DOP Terre di Siena organic extra virgin olive oils. What are the differences between the three olive oils? What do the certifications in the world of extra virgin olive oil tell us? Which is the best way to taste them? We will answer these and many other questions by starting our research with the excellent Trequanda oil.


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Valdichiana Eating, the producers and the A.I.C.O.O. Associazione Italiana Conoscere l’Olio di Oliva (the Italian Association Know Olive Oil), will guide you on a tasting journey with the Olive Oil Festival Box, which teaches us how to taste olive oil with its Oil Sommeliers. Because olive oil is not to be matched with food, but to accompany it. Did you know that?

Discover all this and much more with our Box, a real celebration of EVO oil, designed to tell about one of the most important products of our diet and flagship of local production. A box for connoisseurs, tasters and new fans of EVO oil, lovers of strong and typical flavors.

With the La festa dell’olio BOX, you receive the exclusive tasting contents of the A.I.C.O.O. and with the dynamic QR CODE Tally APP you will receive updates about the territory of the Valdichiana Senese.

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