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Il pranzo di una volta (Old fashioned lunch)

With the BOX Old fashioned lunch discover the flavors of the Tuscan peasant tradition, simple, authentic and pretty good.

Valdichiana Eating introduces to you Paolo, a farmer and influencer, who with his passion for the land and for social media innovates the family business by producing, among others, einkorn spelt, an ancient and healthy cereal, it is rich in vitamins and noble proteins. With Paolo and the other producers of the Valdichiana Eating network, discover the taste of tradition with good and genuine products and with the recipes of Tuscan peasant cuisine.


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Einkorn spelt, green lentils, aubergines, artichokes, olives and Valdichiana Aglione (typical local garlic variety, it literally means “big garlic”) will be the protagonists of a vegetarian lunch with old fashioned flavors, made only with high-quality raw materials and selected from the excellences of the territory of Valdichiana Senese.

In the Box Old fashioned lunch you will find the Tally APP dynamic QR CODE that will allow you to receive extra content about Valdichiana Senese.

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