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Salute e sostenibilità (Health and sustainability)

The Box Salute e sostenibilità in Tuscany is a proposal for a healthy and responsible diet created in collaboration with Valdichiana Eating and the selected producers of the Valdichiana Senese with UPMC – Institute for Health of Chianciano Terme.
Eat little and please do not waste food, start with simple and good quality raw materials, choose vegetables and limit foods of animal origin, it will benefit your health and Planet Earth will be grateful! UPMC’s message is clear and in Valdichiana Eating we have collected it to send it to your home in a beautiful box. Ready to open it?


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Roberta Mannucci, nutritionist and PhD in Oncology at the Institute, has selected some of the products from the Valdichiana Eating basket by proposing two balanced and healthy recipes capable of enhancing the flavours of Valdichiana Senese with one eye on tradition and another on international cuisine : the bico, a typical local flatbread (namely focaccia), is combined with an unusual and tasty hummus made with organic chickpeas and aglione (local garlic variety, it literally means big garlic) from Valdichiana Senese.

When opening your box you will find Dr. Mannucci’s instructions to cook the typical products received and the dynamic QR CODE Tally APP to consult for updates on events and the territory of Valdichiana Senese. 

UPMC Institute for Health Chianciano Terme is a medical center that dedicates its activities to raise awareness on prevention and promotes healthy lifestyles through a correct and healthy diet, constant physical activity and mindfulness practices.

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Weight 3,5 kg

Gluten, milk and derivatives


Suggested 3/4


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